On May 4th, 2020, as part 1 of a documentary series called Plandemic, I released a 26 minute interview with whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits.

Analysis by multiple independent groups have estimated that Part 1 has received “over one billion views,” making it the most viewed and banned documentary of all time.

If you were brave enough to share the controversial information, thank you! Because of you, the movie has been subtitled in numerous languages and is currently viral in other countries. As a result, a coalition of 27,000 plus scientists and doctors have gathered in support of a movement to reform our corrupt global healthcare system. 

We are currently in production on Plandemic Part 2 and over the past few weeks we’ve interviewed top legal and medical experts that have validated nearly every claim made by Dr Judy Mikovits in Part 1. Part 2 will set the record straight and further expose the blatant lies Big Pharma and Big Media are using to silence a brave woman who simply refuses to bow down to those who profit from keeping us unhealthy and addicted.

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Contrary to internet rumors, Part 1 was 100% self-funded. Since then we’ve had numerous financial offers, all of which we denied in order to maintain our independence and ability to speak unfiltered truth. That said, we are a small team fighting the biggest and dirtiest powers on Earth and can use a little support. Resources are needed immediately to afford our rapidly expanding team of researchers, content creators, private investigators, and a myriad of bulletproof technologies that are now being created to ensure that Part 2 survives the next tsunami of censorship. If you can afford to contribute a few dollars, wonderful! If you can’t, we totally understand. Either way, thank you for standing with us and all the brave doctors that are rising up globally!