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The Silent Defender: A Case for Natural Immunity

Of all the falsehoods the leading voices of our medical establishment told us during the Pandemic, one of the most egregious was their denial of the efficacy of natural immunity. You didn’t see CDC announcements encouraging Americans to eat healthier, exercise, improve their immune system using natural supplements, or explaining the benefits of sunshine-supplied vitamin D for fighting off COVID. All we heard during the vaccine roll-out was that mass experimental vaccination was the moral thing to do, and that it really, if you think about it, should be mandatory. Vaccines were presented as the only solution for “stopping” COVID, an illogical concept in and of itself. “Get your vaccine and all of this will be over. We promise.”

However, since 2022, the CDC has had to walk back their ridiculous claims that vaccine induced immunity is and was the only solution to novel COVID. The CDC admitted on February 3, 2022, in a report, that, in fact, yes, “surviving COVID-19 provides excellent natural immunity.” Though it has been common knowledge for several hundred years that natural immunity improves the body’s defenses against diseases, the revelation that this was also true for COVID came only after 70.6% of the world had received at least one dose of a COVID MRNA vaccine. That’s 13.53 billion doses and counting, with 19,926 still being administered every day. That’s big business for Big Pharma.

Though public institutions like the CDC drug their feet in admitting that you were right about how immunity works, their own page on immunity types has always accredited this fact, even during the height of COVID. If you look at the CDC’s page on immunity types, they fully acknowledge the effectiveness of exposure and recovery from a virus for future immunity from that same virus and its evolving strains. I took a trip in the Wayback machine, an internet archive website that allows you to look at the same link across a number of years, to see if the CDC was aware of this concept before 2022. This link has always informed that natural immunity is effective, going back as far as 2007.

The page reads across 16 years of archives that active immunization, which includes vaccines and infection, is the most secure way to prepare for future illnesses. The CDC itself correctly attributed that infection functions as a powerful form of immune defense after natural recovery from a virus. As they put it, “if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it. Active immunity is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long.” Even during the many months where they told us on TV otherwise, this information lived here.

Dr Fauci, their fearless leader and the champion of mass COVID vaccination, said himself in 2004 during an interview with CSPAN “…If she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine … the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.” Though he says it right here,  he sure seemed to forget this concept when it mattered most for the health of our citizens as well as our economy. So, why was the concept of natural immunity so dangerous during the pandemic?

Looking beyond speculations surrounding the true purpose of the COVID vaccine – which is certainly up for debate as we see adverse vaccine reactions like “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, myocarditis and pericarditis increasing while life expectancy in the United States continues to decline – let’s look at this through the tried-and-true lens of greed. Basically, the CDC and mainstream media’s pharma friends can’t turn a profit off of your body’s natural processes when they are functioning at their highest potential.

It was actually sickening (no pun intended) doing research for this article. When reading about the correlation between myocarditis and pericarditis shortly following an MRNA vaccine treatment, many of the publications I read, to include the CDC and Yale Medicine, admitted that this occurrence is, well, occurring. However, almost all wrapped their articles up encouraging parents to continue to get their kids vaccinated against COVID, a disease that is not a threat to them, and just risk the lifelong heart problems. Even with this data we are still being pushed vaccination over everything. Why?

The reason appears rather simple. The truth is, your natural immune system can’t be patented, the pharmaceutical industry cannot bottle it and sell it to the masses by incentivizing doctors to prescribe it. They can’t use the mainstream media like Fox, CNN, and MSNBC to convince you to buy it from their funders during evening segments “brought to you by Pfizer.” Once you understand that the corporatocracy wants you fat, sick, and entertained while they rob you blind and shorten your life expectancy, you realize that solutions to the problems they claim to be solving are oftentimes the exact things perpetuating a money-making cycle that does not always consider the clientele’s actual health.

So, how do we take back control of our own bodies? How do we prepare for blow back from the next lab leak in a city near you? Here is the good news, your body already has a robust defense system in place, your immune system. Here’s the even better news, we can strengthen our immune system’s responses through proactive measures before we even get sick. The infrastructure is already there, but it requires the correct knowledge, resources, and support from external sources provided to you, by you.

It’s time we do our own research. Somewhere Brian Stelter just gasped in distress over me proposing this concept.  But I unlike the establishment have faith in your faculties to do so.  Let me help you on your way. Let us now learn about the immune system. Your body’s immune system is comprised of around 1.8 trillion cells and it weighs as much as a pineapple. The immune system lives and functions in your gut and lymph nodes and it travels throughout your body to your many organs through the lymphatic system. “Lymphatic vessels are well recognized as the channels through which antigens and immune cells are transported to their draining lymph nodes for immune protection.” This is why when you are sick, the lymph node closest to the infected area is swollen.

At its best, the immune system is the ultimate defense for your body’s function and health. When it is compromised, it can turn on you and start attacking healthy cells. As the Arthritis Foundation put it:

“In theory, your immune system also knows when to turn off the tap, slowing the torrent to a trickle as you get better. This may not always happen, however, because factors such as aging, obesity and a typical American diet change the way immune cells communicate with each other and with the microbes that regulate them. When the immune system doesn’t get the signal to shut down, it keeps pouring out white cells — the body’s first responders. That’s when acute inflammation becomes long-term, or chronic.”

So how do we prevent chronic inflammation of our immune systems and the lymphatic vessels it travels through? Some are obvious but worth repeating. In order to have a functioning immune system and to prevent chronic inflammation, you need to get enough sleep, get exercise, eat your vegetables, and lose that extra weight. Some ways that are maybe less familiar include drinking green tea, easing up on alcohol, and incorporating supplements or spices like ginger, turmeric, rosemary, cinnamon, and cumin to name a few. Rebel Lion has also been working with a team of pharmacologists on perfecting an immune system supporter in the form of a daily supplement, Fierce immunity. Focused efforts on building up your immune system are vital when it comes to suppressing auto immune disease or recovering from illness.

Looking back on what we have learned over the last 3 years, two things are very clear to those who have awoken. The first would be that we can no longer trust the advice we are given by federal watch dogs like the CDC and FDA at face value, as it appears to be limited by and biased towards profit. The second is that we are ultimately now responsible for protecting our own health. The best chance we have against ailments and illnesses is a strong, functioning immune system. And fortunately, we have the power to build that within ourselves.


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