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Directed Energy Weapons: A New Era of Warfare

What are Directed Energy Weapons?

Directed Energy Weapons or “DEWs” use different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to affect their targets using variations of light including those that cannot be seen by the human eye. There are 3 classifications of DEWs.

There are High Energy Lasers which use beams of light on the infrared spectrum to attack one target at a time. The output of HEIs are 200,000 times greater than a laser pointer you may have at home. These weapons are capable of melting steel.

Another category of weapons would be the Millimeter Wave Weapons which use wavelengths between 1 and 10 mm to generate over 1 kilowatt of power. MWWs can affect multiple targets at once because they use larger beams.

The third category of DEWs are termed High Power Microwave Weapons. HPMWs can produce more than 100 megawatts of power which is 150,000 times more powerful than your microwave at home. These HPMWs have longer wave lengths than HEIs and can also hit multiple targets at once.

DEWs are also launched at different strengths depending on the mission. Each DEW can be calibrated to perform tasks ranging from nonlethal to lethal, depending on factors such as the time on target, the distance to the target, and even the part of the target on which the DEW is focused.

Military Applications for DEWs

  • Lasers can be used for remote sensing to support military operations. The military can use DEWs to measure and monitor objects without ever making physical contact with the object or subject.
  • DEWs offer plausible deniability, 5th generation warfare’s best friend. These silent weapons can travel immense distances and engage multiple targets from up to thousands of miles away.
  • DEWs can be launched from targets on earth to other targets on earth. They can be launched from earth at targets in space and they can be launched from satellites in space to targets on earth. This weapon offers near-real time attacking capabilities as they can be calibrated and deployed to engage targets in a matter of seconds.
  • The US government has deployed DEWs on land vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, and ships. These weapons are also utilized on satellites.

What is Fifth Generation Warfare (5gw)?

  • “War will no longer be what it was originally. Warfare will transcend all boundaries and limits, in short Unrestricted Warfare.” This means that war will be fought using creative, less attributable attacks. Anything goes in 5gw.
  • It is “moral and cultural warfare [that] is fought through manipulating perceptions and altering the context by which the world is perceived.” The theory suggests that in 5gw “violence is so dispersed that the losing side may never realize that is has been conquered. The secrecy of 5gw makes it the hardest generation of war to study.”

Using Wildfires as a Weapon

  • The US government wargamed using wildfires in Vietnam to attack enemy strongholds in the jungle, to destroy enemy supplies, and to create visibility (post-burn) of the landscape below.
  • A declassified, secret report entitled, “Forrest Fire as a Military Weapon Final Report June 1970,” discusses conditions preferable when selecting a target for forest fire sabotage.
    • Heavy fuel loadings of unusually dry material.
    • Many simultaneous ignitions.
    • Intense solar insolation.
    • An unstable atmospheric lapse rate.
    • Marked vertical and/or horizontal wind shear.
  • They also discuss when selecting a target, you must understand the location’s dry season, the vegetation of the location, the humidity content of brush on the ground, and how to preplace litter at ideal humidity levels to ensure the fire catches.

Concerns about the use of DEWs in Hawaii

  • Lasers can cut through steel, aluminum, and many other materials in a matter of seconds.
    • We see melted aluminum in the burn zone of Lahaina.
    • We see melted glass.
    • We see melted tires and rims.
      • The melting point for Aluminum is 1,221°F.
        • This is something seen in wildfires as they can burn as hot as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
      • The melting point for glass is 2,522 to 2,912 degrees.
        • This is less likely to occur in a wildfire as the heat required is a lot greater. However, this can happen to cars that burn during wildfires as the car itself can generate the heat necessary.
      • The melting point for tire rubber is 1,112 °F which is not significant in this case.
        • The melting point for aluminum-alloy is 2511 °F.
        • The melting point for steel is between 2500 to 2800 ° F.
        • Most shockingly, The melting point for chrome is 3380°F.
    • DEWs are not confirmed to be used in Maui but are suspected. The eventual heat a wildfire can cause on its own could have the effect we see in Maui when looking at the tires and aluminum alone. If we are being generous, it could even explain the glass in cars melting, as it is possible to generate enough heat in a car fire to have this effect. However, considering the high temperature requirements necessary to melt the materials most commonly used to make the rims of tires, especially chrome, this is cause for further investigation.
  • DEWs can be invisible to the human eye and are silent weapons systems.
    • This is especially useful in a clandestine attack.
    • Starting spontaneous fries from space could easily go unnoticed.
  • Gravity and wind conditions have minimal effect on laser weapons.
    • The winds during the Maui Fire were blowing up to 67 mph.
    • DEWs are able to be launched from space-to earth and earth-to-space because these factors do not have a great effect on the beams.
  • Technological advances may soon solve DEW limitations, such as weather, power loss, and visibility restrictions.
    • In defense terms, that means they have most-likely already solved these problems and have yet to disclose this publicly.
  • Confirmed by Japan, Chinese Lasers were spotted above Maui several months prior to the fires.
    • As we know lasers can be used to map objects remotely. This alongside rumors surrounding the location of Chinese satellites on the day of the fire offers more questions than answers.
  • DEWs and other conventional weapons are completely legal in space.
    • It is not crazy to think there may be laser weapons above your head. Both the US and China have repeatedly thwarted attempts by the international community to make conventional weapons like DEWs illegal in space. Russia, China, and the US all have anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons programs, which explore the use of these systems. They were confirmed to be in development by the US Airforce in 2021.
  • Forest flammability depends on the amount and arrangement of dead vegetation at ground level, the moisture content of vegetative fuel, and the weather at the time of the fire.
    • Maui has had decreased rainfall for the past 15 years. They are currently in a drought.
    • The dry season for Maui is from April to October. The highest temperatures in Maui are recorded from July to September.
    • Hawaiian Electric invested less than $245,000 dollars on wildfire prevention from 2019-2022. This includes neglecting the task of clearing brush from around powerlines.
  • 5th Generation warfare is happening all around us. Could this be an example in Hawaii?
    • This is entirely on the table. In 5gw you have the right to question everything. Though we may not have definitive answers on how this fire was started, enough questions remain. Considering the selection of Maui as a future smart city, the media blackout on location, and the lack of federal response, something strange is going on. When your questions are not answered but rather ignored, that usually means you should keep pushing. You’ve hit a nerve.

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