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Dear Friends,

Now that The Great Awakening film has launched into the world, our team is on a mission to continue the awakening, by finding solutions to real challenges facing us today. If you caught the global livestream or attended the Austin event, you probably saw JP Sears’ uproarious, satirical video on natural immunity.

With all the compromised immune systems swirling around us, we’ve got to take every precaution to bulletproof our health. The experimental inoculations and the rhetoric about them have totally upended natural immunity, and we simply don’t know what’s around the corner.

That’s why this story – and solution – are so timely.

In 2022, I interviewed two brilliant, awakened scientists named Anton Fliri and Shama Kajiji.

Both Anton & Shama had recently left the highest ranks of Big Pharma, so they could bring a remarkable discovery to the people.

You see, Anton developed a technology that tests thousands of ingredients on every body system. Trillions of data points later, Anton discovered that 5 unique ingredients, when combined in precise amounts, unlock the full potential of your immune system.

As Anton explained, this formula doesn’t just help boost immunity – it helps supercharge natural immunity ⚡️ During our mind-blowing interview, this ingenious formulator looked me in the eyes and said:

“There is not a more powerful immune product on the planet.”

In that moment, I knew we had to work together and figure out a way to get this incredible formula to our Plandemic community 🙌 Almost two years later, that vision has been realized.

Introducing… Fierce Immunity.

You have the opportunity to be among the first to experience the incredible benefits of this product. A limited supply is available for our launch, so this is your chance to GET FIERCE before this offer ends.

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This is our moment to shine. This is the moment when humanity steps up to innovate and activate new solutions. The obstacles we face require us to be in top condition – mentally, spiritually, and physically – and Fierce Immunity is here to help.

To a healthier future!

-Mikki Willis
Father / Filmmaker