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The Awakening of 2023

Though it’s very easy to become black-pilled (hopeless) when diving into the current political climate as the globalists continue to push their agenda, this holiday season we felt it was appropriate to celebrate the major wins that team humanity has tallied during 2023!  Whether it’s whistleblowers around the globe coming forward with revealing vaccine data, the overwhelming success of anti-woke boycotts, the release of the January 6th footage in its entirety, or the expansion of free speech on X formerly Twitter, the “conspiracy theorists” have racked up substantial cultural capital as 2023 comes to an end.

To begin, the commonsense crowd has made its power known to woke companies like Disney and Bud Light by pushing back against propaganda and taking their money elsewhere. After producing nothing but major movie flops that have cost Disney around 1 billion dollars this year alone, the company is closing 2023 reporting their lowest revenue in nearly a decade. Bud Light, after partnering with controversial trans activist Dylan Mulvaney in March of 2023, which resulted in a 29% decline in their US earnings, has had to correct course as conservatives held the line and stock prices plummeted. Target took a massive $15 billion hit during Pride Month due to their promotion of LGBTQIA+ attire for children. Ironically, Bud Light now sponsors free speech at the UFC by default as Dana White allows his fighters to speak their mind no matter where they land on the political spectrum. Bod Iger himself has had to admit to shareholders in a recent SEC filing that Disney’s profits have been “adversely impacted” because their entertainment offerings and products “do not achieve sufficient customer acceptance.” Though Target continues to stock woke products, all 3 legacy brands have felt the backlash of average Americans whose only wish is that the products and entertainment they consume don’t come with a political lecture. ESG is failing and that is certainty something to celebrate!

This year was also the year free speech was partially restored on social media. Elon Musk, after purchasing the world’s largest public square in late 2022, attacked the censorship apparatus that was Twitter, freed Twitter’s most infamous prisoners like Trump, and restored voices that countered the COVID narrative during the height of the pandemic. He also revealed the extent of the government’s involvement in the regulation of censorship on Twitter now X prior to his acquisition. To close out the year, Elon Musk liberated X even further as Alex Jones and Infowars have officially been re-platformed. Musk, Jones, Tate, Ramaswamy and several other prominent anti-establishment voices broke the internet with their several hour long conversation concerning the future of humanity and what it will take to promote and protect a pro-human future.  Tucker Carlson has been unleashed on X as well, no longer constrained by the red tape of corporate media, able to cover the stories that actually effect people’s day to day lives. These are huge wins for free speech! In order to have an effective narrative, the establishment cannot withstand criticism. As Infowars has said time and time again, the censorship wouldn’t be necessary if the situation was hopeless, and thanks to Elon Musk debate has made its return to the public square unleashed. This will only result in further destruction of the globalist narrative as it can only operate successfully in lockstep, and we are here for it!

We cannot talk about free speech returning to social media without mentioning Rumble, a Canadian company who has also provided a platform where people can speak their minds without fear of censorship. Like Elon Musk, Rumble’s CEO, Chris Palvoski has also vowed to “never censor” political discussion on their platform. They stood by Russel Brand after government pressure from the UK to remove and demonetize his content. They have also allowed J-6th footage to be accessible on the video sharing app. Though the company was started in 2013, there has been a massive shift from Youtube as millions of Youtube users and Bloggers alike flock to Rumble to see unmoderated content. The people are tired of government-led censorship masquerading as private company policy. Freedom is becoming popular again, a nice change from the dark days of the pandemic.

When recounting the wins of 2023, we cannot omit the crucial whistleblowers who have risked everything coming forward with the truth about what’s really been going on around the world. Barry Young, a whistleblower from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health was arrested on December 3rd of this year for “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes,” but really the only crime he committed was going against the establishment’s vaccine narrative.  Steve Kirsh of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation examined the data and publicly claimed it proves that the COVID-19 vaccines killed 1 in 1,000 people globally. He called Young a hero not a criminal. We agree! Additionally, it is important that we take the time to recognize other whistleblowers like those brave men and women from the FBI who testified before the US Congress concerning the weaponization of the Bureau against American citizens in May of this year. Though little action has been taken following these revelations, the truth is getting out there, and in an information war that’s always a win in and of itself.  Because those who are awake have refused to backdown worldwide, more people are feeling safe enough to come forward. We hope to see even more of this in 2024!

Another major win for the anti-globalists would be the legal action being taken around the world. The State of New Mexico is suing Instagram and Facebook (Meta) for their role in the promotion of child exploitation on their platforms. Texas AG Kevin Paxton has made major moves on several fronts, to include taking legal action against Pfizer in the Lubbock County District Court for their mismarketing of the efficacy of the COVID vaccine. He has also joined forces with the Daily Wire and The Federalist to sue Biden’s State Department for their censorship of conservative media outlets which became even more egregious during the pandemic. The states are taking on big business and big government, something we wish would have been employed more during COVID, but it is better late than never! Even more encouraging, a homicide investigation has been initiated concerning the Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza after his internal emails have shown that he was aware of the lethal risks of the COVID vaccine even at the start of the rollout, which his accusers have acquainted to murder. As more and more countries come forward with deadly data, the public has in turn responded by not getting further vaccinated despite encouragement to do otherwise from major institutions.

So, this holiday season, let us take time to be grateful for the men and women who have stepped up to the plate and taken on big government and big censorship. Let us celebrate the new year knowing that the people are no longer afraid to call out the globalist agenda. As more and more people go public about the true nature of the attacks we have been under for the last few decades, more people are joining the great awakening! Around the world we see bold, inspiring resistance to the inhumane and self-serving policies of the WEF and their politicians. As whistleblowers continue to come forward with the information being hidden from us, the establishment can no longer ignore the consequences of their actions by gaslighting the public about what is true. With free speech restored on X and Rumble, the information from whistleblowers is getting out there to the masses. Though 2024 is likely to be one of the most chaotic years in recent history, this December I’m feeling white-pilled (hopeful). I am grateful for we the people. We have the power to right these wrongs and take back our countries, and our numbers are only going to grow from here. Each one of us as citizens has a duty to get involved for the sake of the future generations. Happy New Year!


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