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Plandemic 2 Clip: The Center for Control

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You might be blown away to learn the true history of the CDC, which would be more aptly named, the Center for Control.

Plandemic 2 Clips

Plandemic 2 Clip: Fake Checkers

See behind the curtain of the scam that is robbing us of our Constitutional and God-given right to free expression.
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Plandemic 2 Clip: The Real Bill

Remember that bad people often launder their crimes behind the veil of benevolently branded charities and organizations.
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Plandemic 2 Clip: The Birth of Big Pharma

Big Pharma began with John D. Rockefeller, transitioning us from time-honored herbal remedies to petroleum-based “medicine.”
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Plandemic 2 Clip: The Media

See how the US media has little to do with news, and a lot to do with dividing the people and controlling our minds.
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Plandemic 2 Clip: Who is WHO

Does the WHO deserve our trust? The evidence points to “no.” What we uncover calls their assumed authority into question.
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