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The Historical Blueprint of Public Education

As parents in the United States, we should greatly be concerned about the declining trends in our students’ comprehension of basic subjects, especially since the COVID-19 lockdowns. When looking at the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a test that analyzes the proficiency of 450,000 students from around the US, math scores for 8th graders indicated that only 26% of students were proficient, down from 34% in 2019.  Reading scores have also declined in more than half of the states at the 4th grade level.

Though pandemic-era schooling has grossly exacerbated student ineptitude, this trend of decreased levels of student comprehension predates the COVID approach to learning. Between 1972 and 1991, Average Scholastic Aptitude Test scores fell by 41 points. From 1992 to 2013, we see minimal gains in educational achievement, however after this, numbers begin to decline once again to the levels we see today.

Since 1970, investment in American public education has increased by nearly 200%, however student retention rates have declined steadily in conjunction with the increased spending. If the money is being pledged to education, why are the results getting worse? By looking at the origins of the public education system, a better understanding of the purpose of this system emerges. Private interest in public education may explain why we are where we are today.

Back to the Beginning – The Prussian Elementary Model

The idea for state led education is born out of a rather simple notion. Children are easily influenced. They are not well versed in the world; their understanding of life is in its literal infancy. Get to them young, and you can shape the way they see the world. Get to them young, and you can control how they perceive your role in it. If the masses are “overeducated,” they are more likely to be dissatisfied with their existing living conditions.

This has been understood by governing bodies for centuries. A study published in the journal of American Political Science Review conducted by Agustina S. Paglayan, which examined historical patterns in education from 1828 to 2015, across many countries found:

“… Research reveals violence can heighten national elites’ anxiety about the masses’ moral character and the state’s ability to maintain social order. In this context, public education systems were created and expanded to teach obedience.”

In order to mold the minds of the masses, elites have often looked to one another to establish effective means for control. This, as Paglayan found, is no different when it comes to public education.

  • The approach to modern education in the United States was based largely upon the Prussian Elementary Model, which was originally established to gain obedience from Polish youth and prevent uprisings after the Prussian Empire conquered parts of the country in 1772.

  • Taking inspiration from the Prussian Model, the Robber Barons revolutionized the notion of public education over decades of influence during the latter part of the 19th century. Ford Motors, through The Ford Foundation, Standard Oil, through The Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Steel through The Carnegie Foundation all largely shaped the core values, purpose of, and curriculum for the public school system to come.

  • In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board investing $129 million to further the construction of educational institutions across the United States. As Rockefeller put it, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” Through this institution, disguised as philanthropic in nature, Rockefeller was able to shape the standards of schools across the nation, tailoring vocational schools to the needs of industry in those areas.

What does the World Economic Forum have to say about Education Initiatives?

Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” which he describes as an opportunity to use crisis’s to reshape the world’s policy approaches to governance, accounts for the role of public education as well.  His organization, The World Economic Forum, a global private-public partnership consortium made up of the world’s most influential policy makers and corporate powerhouses, is heavily interested in “rethinking” how the world goes about education. Much like the Robber Barons of old, the forum has visions for the ideal future worker. And like their predecessors, WEF understands the role the education system will play in creating the kind of employees, or rather citizens, needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I am sure you have heard of education programs focused on instilling “Social and Emotional Learning” or SLE. SLE is an initiative that directs education to be more “emotion focused.” In their own words, “SEL elevates student voice and fosters a supportive school climate, improves classroom behavior, increases students’ ability to manage stress and depression, and ensures policies and practices that promote equitable and restorative outcomes for all students.” As nice as that sounds, what it really entails is instigating a “victim mindset” within American students. It is the trojan horse for introducing topics like Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory into the curriculum which take an “oppressed vs oppressor” approach to history.

In a 2016 report from the World Economic Forum titled, “New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning through Technology” within the first few pages, the WEF report states, “SEL will prepare today’s students for [the] evolving workplace, with consequent benefits for individuals, businesses, the economy and society.” WEF’s proposed approaches to education are the direct result of discussions with “key stakeholders” (i.e. corporate interests) about what kind of employees they need for future work.

“If stakeholders work together, particularly at the all- important stage of setting the policy agenda, they can change perceptions and behaviors about SEL.”

This is a call to action by the WEF for key stake holders to invest in and shape the direction of public education across the world in order to warp the minds of the coming generations to embrace global governance. When looking at major education investment by some of America’s wealthiest families, we see a hyper focus on Social and Emotional Learning initiatives being promoted.

A Snapshot of how our Ruling Class Invests in Public Education

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Education Initiatives
    • Over 20 years ago, The Gates Foundation began its first big effort in education reform with a $650 million investment to convert large failing high schools into smaller schools in select locations.
    • Common Core State Standards initiative under the Obama Administration
      • Though this program eventually failed, The Gates Foundation provided a $200 million dollar initial investment into “standardizing” the American Education System in 2010.
    • K-12 Education
      • From 2013 – 2022 the Gates Foundation has invested $950,733,960 in US Education. 948 million of that amount has been granted since 2020 to a program called K-12 which emphasizes equitable education.
    • Early Learning
      • From 2020 – 2022 the Gates Foundation has invested $44,000,000 in Early Learning.
  • The Walton (Wal-Mart) Family Foundation Initiatives
    • The Walton Family Foundation has supported the creation of more than 2,200 charter, district, and private schools.
    • They have awarded over $424 million in grants for education since 1997.
    • The Walton Family Foundation has funded Teach For America for more than 20 years. During this period, TFA recruited, trained, and placed over 50,000 teachers.
    • As of 2019, The Walton Foundation has donated over $100 million into TFA as well as hundreds of millions more into charter schools and other options to traditional public schools. 
    • The Walton Family Foundation provides Teach for America with $4,000 for every teacher placed in a traditional public school and $6,000 per teacher placed in a charter school.
  • The Chan Zuckerberg (Facebook) Initiative Foundation
    • Since 2018, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Foundation has donated $718,464,595 to education initiatives in the United States.
    • A majority of the grants focus on racial equity and SEL programs for K-12. They also invest in training programs for teachers at the university and policy-making level.

All three are World Economic Forum Members on the corporate and personal level.

Though at first glance these philanthropic efforts by the richest in our society appear well intentioned, when you understand the end goals of organizations like the WEF and their interested parties, it is obvious that money distributed by the billionaire class to any cause should be clocked as an investment rather than a charitable gesture.

This is evident when we examine the fruits of the efforts of public school investment by elites. Since the increase of SEL initiatives in the American education system, nearly 20% of Gen-Z identifies as LGBTQIA+. A government health survey conducted from 2017 to 2020, found that an estimated 1.4% of 13- to 17-year-olds identified as transgender, compared with about 0.5 percent of all adults during that same period, making gen-z 3 times more likely to be transgender than the previous generations.

Leading CRT advocates Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic boast about the success they have seen integrating CRT into the education system.

“Seeing critical race theory take off in education has been a source of great satisfaction for the two of us. Critical race theory is in some ways livelier in education right now than it is in law.”

The purpose of introducing QT and CRT is not to educate students on human rights violations of the past, the greater goal of these ideologies is to emphasize intersectionality, a tool used by the left to direct certain groups’ political orientations based on unamendable characteristics. Divide and conquer is a simpler way to put it. If you are a part of a minority class, you are more likely to be in favor of leftist policies. If you can grow LGBTQIA+ identifying students, you grow your support base once these students become voting age. If you stoke racial tensions, you can further the divide the masses and encourage them to point at one another rather than having the population unify against the real culprits of inequality, the elites.

We have all seen the social media posts from fanatical teachers pushing racial division and sexual orientation propaganda on our youngest. This is no accident. Programs like Teach for America and SEL directly placed radicals in your classrooms.

Understanding the WEF’s desire for a Universal Basic Income for all citizens, combined with the rapid robotization of the American workforce, key stake holders putting their own money into education are investing in compliant, reliant citizens, rather than the kind of leaders produced by American education at the height of its output. To put it bluntly, there is no need for skilled workers in the Great Reset, but rather a deficit for skilled followers. It is time to take your students education back into your own hands.

Now that we are aware of the purposes of public education, we as parents can no longer in good conscience allow these people to use their economic might to brainwash our children.

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