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Why It’s Time to Leave the Democratic Party Behind

Back when I was “useful idiot” for the far left, I met Tulsi Gabbard. The year was 2016. We were backstage at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally. Of all the Democratic politicians I had interviewed while traveling with the Sanders caravan, there was something markedly different about Tulsi. She said what she meant and meant what she said. After three decades of dealing with Hollywood personalities I’ve developed a severe allergy to fake people. I found Tulsi to be refreshingly real.
I was delighted when Tulsi announced she was running for President in 2020. I was even more delighted when she called to invite me to travel with her campaign.
However, by that time I had done my homework to better understand the history of and the true agenda of the Democratic Party, I was left conflicted. I was all in with my support of Tulsi the person, but I didn’t want to mislead people by creating false hope for a Party that was and still is actively working to destroy everything good about America.
In order to attempt to guide my friend away from the many traps being laid for her, I accepted the offer with this intention in mind. While traveling with Tulsi and her husband, sister, mother and father, I had an unrestricted vantage point into their personal lives. I fell in love with her entire family. They are salt of the Earth, humble, good people!
During my time campaigning with Tulsi, she had made only one request. She kindly asked that I turned off my camera when she was taking personal phone calls. Other than this one request, she welcomed me to film everything, including intimate family meetings.
One day while campaigning, Tulsi exited the bedroom of our Airbnb looking very sick. As it so often goes, on the day of one of her biggest debates she was struck with a severe cold. I was already filming interviews with her mom and dad, so my camera was rolling when she walked into frame. Seeing the state she was in; I quickly turned my camera off and apologized for having her on tape while she was sick. Tulsi responded by saying, “don’t turn it off. I don’t care about looking good.”
My respect for her doubled at that moment. Having filmed many politicians in the past I had become accustomed to having to abide by innumerable rules and restrictions surrounding what I can and cannot film. With or without make up, Tulsi made it clear that all she cared about was authenticity.
I was backstage during that infamous televised debate when Tulsi wrecked Kamala Harris by exposing her hypocrisy. After that, to no one’s surprise the DNC-controlled media came after her! Suddenly, Tulsi was a “Russian asset,” with ties to the Center for Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum.
When I asked Tulsi about those accusations her answer was quick and concise. She said, “the WEF put me on their website to create distrust. I’ve never been part of that organization. In fact, we called them out on this, and they quickly removed my image from their site.  As for the CFR, when I was new to the world of politics I was offered to take part in that organization. I was curious to learn what happens behind the curtain of organizations such as that. The moment I realized what that group was truly about, I canceled my membership.”
Flash forward to 2020. During the peak of COVID insanity it was brought to my attention that Tulsi was supporting a bill that ultimately empowered the draconian concept of “contract tracing.” I immediately called her. From her perspective the contact tracing aspect of the bill was secondary. Democrats were promoting the bill as if its purpose was to protect the people from having their personal data collected during a health crisis. This was a lie. A lie Tulsi fell for.
She listened to me for 90 minutes as I pleaded for her to reconsider her trust in the Democratic Party. During our conversation, I knew intuitively the exact stage of awakening she was about to enter, as I had passed through that valley of death only a year prior to that call. I had already gone through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) that comes with awakening from Democrat-induced delusion. I knew exactly what my friend was going through. And I knew how hard this realization can be; how difficult it can be to finally accept the truth, especially when you are teetering on the edge of accepting the weight of it for the first time.
Perhaps I pressed a bit too hard. For the first time, Tulsi snapped at me. I could hear the combat veteran in her voice when she asked sharply, “what’s your point? What do you want me to do?”
My response was short and careful. I said, “leave the Party. And leave loudly.”
This wasn’t the first time Tulsi had heard this, I’m sure. I was likely one of many friends and colleagues who wanted to see her walk away from a Party that didn’t deserve her.
In February of 2022, she did it. And she indeed left the party as loudly as possible. Tulsi pulled no punches. And in her signature style, she courageously called out her former colleagues by name, while listing their crimes against humanity. Since then, it’s been incredible to witness Tulsi gain more and more courage and clarity. Clearly, truth has set her free!
To learn more about Tulsi’s remarkable transformation from darkness to light, I highly recommend ordering  her new book, For Love of Country: Leave the Democratic Party Behind.
As a gift to my brave friend, I created the trailer above to promote her book. Please watch it, and if inspired, SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

-Mikki Willis
Father / Filmmaker


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